Chef Salvatore Lega

A Chef between Apulia and France

The story of Chef Salvatore Lega is the result of an intertwining of experiences lived during his journey that starts from Salento, his native land, up to the magical French capital, Paris. In that land, our chef acquires various qualifications in the world of French gastronomy and matures the necessary experience that leads him to the opening of several prestigious restaurants.

Salento on the Tables of the World

On the tables of his restaurants in Paris, our Chef Salvatore Lega combines the traditions and flavors of Apulia and Salento typical cuisine , with the touch of French gastronomy , managing to surprise the palate of his customers and numerous celebrities from the world of entertainment, which the chef knows right inside his restaurants. Among his experiences alongside the greatest chefs in the world in great French restaurants, he works closely with exponents of international politics as a Chef Priveé , holds the role of teacher at the Gambero Rosso – “The city of Taste” of Lecce, deals with professional training courses in collaboration with EFAL Salento, is a guest of several French radio and television broadcasts and organizes numerous themed solidarity show dinners (in collaboration with Caritas and with the Proloco of the City of Nardò where Salvatore is part of the board) introducing international cuisine in Puglia, at the prestigious eighteenth-century structure “Oasi Tabor” of Nardò (LE). He also opens a collaboration with the “Literary Coffee” of Nardò with which he highlights the union between gastronomy and culture. The chef takes part in the International Gastronomy Fairs , where his cuisine expands globally becoming known and appreciated in other countries of the world, where he establishes business partnerships.

The Organic Olive Oils of Salento

The Apulian and Salento organic food and wine products accompany him throughout his journey. The main product is undoubtedly l‘organic extra virgin olive oil from Salento , available in its various varieties within the Coffret , or can be purchased individually on our website , where it will be possible to view a series of video recipes in which the chef prepares delicious dishes to which he always combines an excellent organic olive oil. The Chef also offers visitors a Gastronomic Guide to the use of different types of organic oil for the preparation of different dishes. Each variety of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Blend, Celline, Leccine, Picholine, Nociare, Coratine) has a unique flavor and characteristics . Just as every dish must be combined with the right spices and the right wine, the same rule applies to oil as well : each type of dish has its own oil in combination. In this way we will be able to enhance the flavor of each dish in a correct and balanced way.

The Aliments Salento Project

In 2021 Salvatore’s most ambitious project starts, that of making known the Territorial Gastronomic Excellence of his beloved Salento in the world, proposing i best organic products, and not only, of Puglia accompanied by video recipes in which Chef Salvatore Lega demonstrates how it is possible to bring haute cuisine dishes to all tables, making available on the site some kits with which it is possible to quickly and conveniently prepare the genuine and even organic dishes that the chef proposes in the “Gastronomic Proposals” section . Aliments Salento is much more than a business project. It is the dream of a boy who emigrates from his homeland at the age of 17, carrying in his suitcase only the boundless love for cooking and the sweet memory of the land of Puglia.

Aliments Salento is open to the distribution of its products in Supermarkets and Chains, where the Chef is available to offer live gastronomic demonstrations.