About Us

Aliments Salento is a French commercial company operating in the food and wine sector with registered office and management in Paris – France and representative offices in Nardò (Lecce) – Italy.
The company negotiates, markets and promotes Italian food and wine products from Puglia and Salento and provides real services to companies in the sector.

Our company

Aliments Salento is a company that trades and markets typical food and wine products of Puglia and Salento.
Through the activity of the President Salvatore Lega, chef emeritus, and of the other partners, all from Salento, in possession of specific professional skills in the sector, it aims to make known and appreciated in Italy and abroad the typical Apulian products of excellence and Salento wines obtained from the processing of local raw materials that are organically tested and transformed according to tradition, with a controlled designation of origin. The vocation of Aliments Salento is to let consumers, both Italian and non-Italian, taste the typical Apulian and Salento products which, due to their quality and genuineness, are particularly beneficial to health.

Chef Salvatore Lega

salvatore lega aliments salento

Our taste paths

The most popular Apulian and Salento typical products are extra virgin olive oil, defined “the green gold of Puglia”, Primitivo wine, one of the 26 famous DOC wines of the area appreciated all over the world, salty baked goods, jams, honey, pickles, fresh and dry pasta, traditional sweets and many other delicious products.

The goal is to transport the taste buds of consumers into the world of unique flavors of the typical Apulian and Salento cuisine by tasting the specialties and making sure that they can no longer do without them.

To achieve this result, Aliments Salento organizes targeted presentations and tastings in specialized shops in Paris and throughout France, as well as in the most important cities of other European countries; the products used are exclusively from Puglia and Salento, carefully selected and prepared by chef Salvatore Lega.

Know the Territory

The promotional action of Aliments Salento aims to make known not only the typical gastronomic products but also the beauty of the beaches, the cultural and artistic splendor of the historic centers of Salento and Puglia in general, the fascinating local folklore and fabulous landscapes .

The temperate climate almost all year round, the Mediterranean scrub, uncontaminated nature, organic agriculture, the sun, the crystal clear sea are all factors that, in addition to helping to create typical quality gastronomic products, generate a very strong attraction and empathy so much so that they are useful in encouraging tourists to spend their holidays in Salento where they can find a warm welcome in the numerous existing accommodation facilities.

To allow its customers to set up their tables with the specialties of Salento and Apulian cuisine and delight their palates, Aliments Salento has selected, in compliance with rigorous quality standards, the best typical Salento products, all recognized and with specific certifications .

Naturally, extra virgin olive oil, a food rich in exceptional nutritional properties with its positive effects on health, is the basic product, essential for the preparation of the most delicious typical dishes.

Furthermore, Aliments Salento, in order to make Italian gastronomy and Apulian products known and appreciated, has entered into an agreement with an Italian professional training institute Efal Salento accredited by the Puglia Region to train non-Italian catering operators to know how to make Mediterranean cuisine and prepare dishes with Salento and Apulian products.