Organic Nutraceutical Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Cold extracted from olives: Celline, Leccine, Coratine, Nociare, Pecholine.

The nutraceutical oil (regulated by EU regulation 432/2012) is rich in beneficial and healing nutritional properties such as polyphenols (contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress) and vitamin E “alpha tocopherol” (protects the cells of the body from oxidative damage), it stands out both for its high digestibility and hypoallergenicity, and for the healing properties of natural active ingredients. The nutraceutical oil is generally bitter-spicy.

Medium fruity with a pleasant bitter aftertaste and a hint of tomato.
Enjoy it with first courses, rich salads, artichokes, meats.

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Properties of nutraceutical Oil

  • rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid) it increases the fluidity of the blood and reduces bad cholesterol in favor of the good one;
  • rich in squalene, a substance that abounds in olive oil (even more in the shark’s liver, hence the name) would be effective in fighting skin cancers.
  • It provides fat-soluble vitamins: vitamin A necessary for cell differentiation, vitamin D which together with vitamin K ensures the formation of the bone matrix, vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant and has a protective activity against neoplastic diseases;
  • recommended during pregnancy because it stimulates bone mineralization and prevents the fetus from bleeding;
  • rich in Oleuropein, a substance with high antioxidant functions able to protect the arteries, lowers blood pressure and reduces the atherosclerotic process;
  • rich in oleocantal, its peculiarity lies in the fact that despite having a different chemical formula, it has the same anti-inflammatory functionality as ibuprofen, a powerful anti-inflammatory drug;
  • it contains many omega 3 and 6, unsaturated fats that are very precious for the well-being of the body. In fact, several studies have shown that for children, they are also very important for the development of nervous tissue;
  • particularly suitable for infant nutrition due to its acidic composition which makes it very similar to the composition of breast milk fat;
  • indicated both for easy digestibility as it stimulates gastric secretions predisposing the body to better digestion, and for better absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and consequently, better absorption of calcium;
  • protects the mucous membranes of the stomach;
  • against wrinkles, in fact, taking it after hours, it has a regenerating effect on the skin;
  • indispensable for the prevention of degenerative diseases;
  • a source of energy, for growth;
  • modest preventive action on the onset of thrombosis.

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